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Linette Moore Artwork and Books

Store Policies

Have a question that isn't answered here? Please message me via the Contact page.

Materials: Most of this art is made with ink, colored pencil, watercolor and gouache on cotton rag watercolor paper (the good stuff.) My advice is to put it in a frame, behind glass, and to keep it out of direct sunlight. 

Some of the art is created with framing & hanging in mind; some of it is created to work out a visual problem or for my own enjoyment — these pieces (labeled "Sketch") might have pushpin holes or brushstrokes in the margins. I try to price the art accordingly.

Payment: I accept credit cards, with payment processing by Stripe. Purchasers in Massachusetts are required to pay sales tax.

Returns: All sales are final.

Shipping: Books and artwork are shipped flat with cardboard backing, via USPS Priority Mail or USPS First Class International. For delivery inside the USA, the base shipping and handling cost for each item is $6.50; for multiple pieces of art that can ship in the same envelope, shipping starts at $6.50 for the first piece, $3.00 for the others. For delivery outside the USA, shipping and handling starts at $15.50, with additional items in the same shipment starting at $7.00 each. These prices were last updated in May 2017.

Reproduction: You are not purchasing any reproduction rights to the art — specifically, you cannot reproduce it for commercial purposes (for example, t-shirts, posters, ads, web banners, etc.) It's okay to show a picture of it on your blog — send me a link if you like!